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Improving the quality of agriculture, rural areas and farmers from chemical fertilizer

      Time: 2020-10-14 14:02:33

      2020 is the third "Chinese farmers' harvest festival". In order to persist in fighting against disasters and achieving bumper harvest, and maintain the overall stability of economy and society, the author thinks that the improvement of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" should start with chemical fertilizer.

      To get rid of poverty, the key lies in the villagers; to get a good harvest, the key lies in chemical fertilizer. As an important "booster" to support and boost the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, chemical fertilizer raw materials play an important role in Rural Revitalization and agricultural development. In the process of using and applying chemical fertilizer, the author thinks that we should effectively promote the transformation of fertilizer application mode, reduce fertilizer loss and improve fertilizer utilization rate, so as to achieve the goal of reducing fertilizer year by year. At the same time, it can also effectively reduce the cost of fertilizer use and greatly improve the quality of agricultural products.

      We should be able to persist in experiments and demonstrations, show them and lead them to work. To boost the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, it is necessary to establish experimental demonstration sites for reducing weight and increasing efficiency, drive agricultural development from point to area, support agricultural development with better chemical fertilizer technology and ability, truly show farmers and lead them to work, and achieve obvious demonstration effect.

      We should be able to continue to promote soil testing and formulated fertilization technology. In order to support the increase of agricultural production and income, we should make use of modern chemical fertilizer technology, such as continuously doing the basic work of soil testing and formula fertilization, reasonably arranging sampling points, and standardizing experiment and demonstration. By gradually improving the coverage rate of soil testing and formulated fertilization technology in economic crops, efforts should be made to expand the popularization and application in vegetables, fruit trees, tea and other crops. At the same time, we should improve the expert consultation system of soil testing and formulated fertilization, and make use of modern information technology to better promote the technology of soil testing and formulated fertilization.

      We should be able to demonstrate, guide and publicize from various angles. Through relying on new business entities such as large growers, family farms, farmers' cooperatives and agricultural enterprises, we can demonstrate and guide the construction of cultivated land quality and scientific fertilization, and promote scientific fertilization in a wider range.