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Fertilizer raw materials rise in an all round way

      Gold nine silver ten, as expected, is still not. Just in October, two-thirds of the time passed. In the days before the original phosphorus and compound fertilizer conference, the long silent fertilizer market finally broke out again. Although it failed to gather in Qingdao, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium all rose at the same time, and the promotion price of compound fertilizer was about to become history.

      Although the printing standard has been delayed again and again, the urea market has experienced initial discomfort. In recent days, it suddenly realized that it had abandoned xiaosaner and started to rise steadily. It is understood that the urea receiving price of compound fertilizer plants in Linyi region has increased from 1660 yuan (ton price, the same below) before the 11th National Congress to 1760 yuan / ton, with an increase of 100 yuan. The reasons are as follows: first, there is good news for export and driving force; second, there are signs of rising raw material costs in some markets and driving force; third, the operating rate of our own industry has declined, which temporarily increases the driving force; fourth, the source of low-cost goods has decreased, which temporarily reduces the resistance.

      The rise of Monoammonium is not too big, but some industries still use it as crazy, mainly because monoammonium not only increases the price, but also suddenly the spot is empty. A large trader said that the inventory of Monoammonium in Bayuquan port has been sold out, and the sale has been suspended temporarily. From next week, the quoted price will rise to at least 2020 yuan, which is 100 yuan higher than that before the 11th National Day. The key is that the quoted price is only the advance collection price of futures, and there is no spot supply. As early as a few days ago, an ammonium manufacturers have generally said that goods tight control orders, now almost all have temporarily suspended sales. As for the price of diammonium, which had been rising earlier, the market was still a little dismissive of its high price, but now it's getting lively. The price rise of ammonium phosphate is directly driven by the rising cost, and the main guarantee is good export.

      Some potassium chloride, which had been unable to go up, has been happy again in recent days: first, although some imported potassium has not gone up much, the domestic potassium supply is tight and the rising trend is obvious; second, the price of nitrogen and phosphorus has finally gone up and is no longer fighting alone; third, I don't know whether it is domestic or international that will help the domestic. Anyway, the international potassium chloride price is stronger than the previous period. It is rumored that the price of 62% white powder in the port of a big trader will reach 2100 yuan next week; the new price of salt lake company in November has been expected to rise again by the industry; the dollar cost of monthly import orders of border trade in November has risen again; supported by the price rise of potassium chloride, the decline of Mannheim potassium sulfate has stopped temporarily and rebounded locally, and the supply of goods has become more tense after the company won the bid of Yunnan tobacco Announced a rise of $100 and no new orders will be received during the year.

      In fact, there are two common and very important reasons for their overall rise. First of all, the price of grain rose sharply. First, the price of corn set a new record. Then the price of soybeans, which was not so good, rose, and then the price of rice rose At the low price, the manufacturers are ready to raise their prices. The soaring food prices have greatly enhanced their confidence in demand. Secondly, Dongchu has officially started. Because some of the raw materials ordered by the large manufacturers can not be in place in time, they have to purchase a wave of stock. At this time, small and medium-sized manufacturers are also starting to purchase raw materials. However, in the early stage, the industry lacks confidence, and the manufacturers are short-lived In this way, a small amount of spot goods are subject to centralized purchasing, and suddenly the supply of goods becomes very tight. I feel that the whole world is looking for goods but can't find them, so the price rises.

      Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium have all gone up. I'm afraid that the rise will not be able to hold. Recently, most of the low price promotion of compound fertilizer manufacturers have stopped collecting money. Some of the manufacturers with frequent price adjustment have a small rise in each round of bidding. Some of the manufacturers who have not yet formally made a full bid have scoffed at the current market quotation. The fertilizer market in November will be a new light Scene!

      As a matter of fact, the boasting and fluke benefits of grain and fertilizer prices still account for a large proportion. Although winter storage has started and the situation seems better than expected, will the nightmare of not being weak in off-season and not being prosperous in peak season reappear? Is the current price still worth entering? As early as September, the author has suggested that you take action, and now the price rises again, friends who are still waiting to see should spend more brain cells to weigh it!