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Nitro fertilizer "Jiaocheng mode" fire! The output of ammonium and calcium nitrate accounts for 80% of the whole country

      In recent years, relying on highly concentrated nitric acid industry, Jiaocheng County, a small county located in the middle of Shanxi Province, has ushered in a period of vigorous development of nitro fertilizer industry. At present, the production capacity of nitro products in Jiaocheng has reached 1.9 million tons, forming a unique nitro product industry chain. The annual production and sales growth rate is more than 20%. The "Jiaocheng mode" of nitrate based fertilizer development has been well-known throughout the country.

      Compared with the traditional compound fertilizer, nitro fertilizer has the characteristics of fast fertilizer efficiency and high absorption rate. Many people in the industry believe that nitro fertilizer has the opportunity to become another fertilizer explosive, but most fertilizer enterprises are hesitant because of the lack of quantity. The industrial change of Jiaocheng is also accompanied by the industrial breakthrough and product upgrading of a number of nitro fertilizer production enterprises.

      Recently, the reporter of Southern Rural daily went deep into the major fertilizer enterprises in Jiaocheng to carry out research and explore the story behind the changes of nitro fertilizer industry in Jiaocheng.

      Dozens of related enterprises gather in Yiwang Village

      Jiaocheng County in the deep winter, the weather is extremely cold, often more than ten degrees below zero temperature test the reporters from Guangzhou. It is gratifying that the newborn sun, like the enthusiastic people of Jiaocheng County, has shed warm sunshine.

      Environmental protection and demand drive chemical industry to switch to fertilizer

      According to the 13th five year development guide for nitrogen fertilizer industry, the capacity of nitro compound fertilizer will be 15 million tons by 2020. The development of nitro fertilizer is an important measure for the chemical fertilizer industry to adjust the product structure, reduce weight and increase efficiency. Nitro medium and trace element fertilizer is an important category of nitro fertilizer. It has great development potential in the southern economic zone where the crops lack calcium and magnesium.

      In 2005, Hongxing Chemical successfully produced the first grain of calcium ammonium nitrate in China by using Yara's technology of calcium ammonium nitrate. Since then, Jiaocheng County, the capital of calcium, has begun to march into agriculture.

      "The biggest characteristic of nitro fertilizer is its water solubility. We can seize this characteristic and establish the exclusive advantage of nitro fertilizer through technological innovation through cooperation with scientific research institutes." Li Tengfei said that although the domestic nitro fertilizer industry is stepping into the fast lane of development, problems such as product homogenization and price overflow have surfaced in some regions. He suggested that nitro fertilizer enterprises should work together to improve the influence of new nitro fertilizer in China and make the industry bigger and stronger.

      Jiaocheng produces 800000 tons of calcium ammonium nitrate, half of which is for export. Domestic exports of calcium ammonium nitrate are also basically concentrated in Jiaocheng County, with the largest volume in South America, followed by Australia, Southeast Asia, North Africa and the Middle East, and exported to more than 60 countries. In addition, it is not uncommon for Jiaocheng County to provide raw materials for International Fertilizer giants, such as the products of Haifa, Kangpu and sqm.