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Ammonia manufacturer's inventory pressure eases and tries to go up

      Time: 2020-10-28 10:52:55

      Since the beginning of this week, the domestic liquid ammonia market has risen slightly, Hebei has risen slightly, and the price in Shandong has also risen. According to the monitoring of business society, the mainstream price in Shandong is 3000-3100 yuan / ton. The main reason is that the manufacturers' inventory pressure is relieved, the urea market is getting better, and the linkage effect is obvious.

      The price of liquid ammonia in Shandong rose slightly in the first two trading days of this week. The supply of large plants was mainly stable, the operation of the plants was normal, and the inventory pressure was relieved. Affected by the recent domestic market rise, some manufacturers changed their plants to produce urea, and the amount of ammonia was controlled. Moreover, due to the production restriction in Shanxi and other parts of the country, the operating rate dropped, which brought some support to the supply. From the downstream, in the off-season of agricultural fertilizer use, the terminal does not take delivery of the goods, and there is no market in many places, which makes the rise of liquid ammonia difficult to maintain.

      In other regions, prices rose steadily, while those in Hebei followed closely the price trend in Shandong. Hebei also rose slightly for two consecutive days on Tuesday and Wednesday, with a rise and fall range of 50-80 yuan / ton. At present, Cangzhou plant in Hebei Province still produces less liquid ammonia, so the pressure is not big, which is also an important factor to balance the supply and demand in the region. The supply and demand of liquid ammonia in the region is basically balanced, and the current price is 3100-3200 yuan / ton.

      In the future, the business community believes that the recent rise in the price of liquid ammonia is phased, and the range is not large. The short-term supply is favorable. In particular, due to the strengthening of urea storage in winter, part of the ammonia supply is also squeezed. But in the end, the downstream fertilizer is in the off-season, so there is a certain risk of callback for liquid ammonia, and it is expected that the market will not be too big in the near future.