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Shanxi ammonium calcium nitrate enterprises are not afraid of "cold"

      In recent years, nitro compound fertilizer, urea ammonium nitrate solution, calcium ammonium nitrate and other nitrogen fertilizer products with good water solubility have gradually become a new favorite in the market, providing a breakthrough for the transformation and upgrading of the nitrogen fertilizer industry which is plagued by overcapacity. As a representative product of water-soluble fertilizer, water-soluble calcium in calcium ammonium nitrate can promote nitrate absorption and improve saline alkali soil, which is gradually welcomed by large growers. At present, although domestic fertilizer enterprises have encountered a cold current in the market, faced with many difficulties and many problems to be solved, a reporter from China chemical industry news recently interviewed Yangmei Fengxi, Jinlan chemical and other enterprises and found that Shanxi fertilizer enterprises are still full of confidence in the future market of calcium ammonium nitrate.

      Go through the shock and fall to the bottom

      As the main agricultural production area of calcium ammonium nitrate in China, the annual output of calcium ammonium nitrate in Shanxi Province is 350000 tons, accounting for 77.78% of the national output. Not long ago, Yan Dehong, chief executive of Shanxi Dehong chemical Consulting Co., Ltd., provided China Chemical News with a sales price trend chart of agricultural calcium ammonium nitrate in the whole province, which showed that after two and a half years of rapid rise, the sales price of agricultural calcium ammonium nitrate in the whole province dropped from 1950 yuan (ton price, the same below) to 1250 yuan at present.

      It is understood that, compared with the highest price of 1962 yuan in April 2012, the lowest price of the industry appeared at 1237 yuan in January this year, with a difference of 725 yuan, a drop of 36.95%. After 13 consecutive months of growth, the average sales price of calcium ammonium nitrate in the whole province rose from 1429 yuan in August 2010 to 1922 yuan in September 2011. In the following months, the market price fell from 1962 yuan in April 2012 to 1601 yuan at the end of the year like a roller coaster. After nine times of decline, the market price fell from 1631 yuan in April 2013 to 1237 yuan in January this year.

      "Before April 2012, the price of calcium ammonium nitrate was like climbing Mount Qomolangma, the higher the more joyful it was; then it was like riding a roller coaster, which was suffocating." Zhao Juntian, general manager of Shanxi Yangmei Fengxi fertilizer industry (Group) Co., Ltd., told China chemical industry news, "at present, the price of agricultural calcium ammonium nitrate is hovering at a low level, and the cash flow of some enterprises is almost facing fracture, but I judge that this situation can not last too long, that is to say, it will continue further, and we are confident to stick to it."

      Controversy over low price sales

      "In the market of Jinnan, Shanxi, there is an ammonium calcium enterprise in Jiaocheng, whose sales price is always 50 yuan or even 100 yuan lower than Fengxi's, which poses a serious threat to Fengxi's products." Zhao Guilin, a fertilizer distributor in Nanshe village of Xinjiang county, told China chemical industry news, "we are engaged in sales, of course, on the premise of ensuring the quality. We will sell whichever one is affordable."

      "At present, the market price is so low that it is completely lower than the cost price. If they sell at such a low price, it is obviously dumping." Yangmei Fengxi a salesman said indignantly.

      Is this really the case? With a series of questions, a reporter from China Chemical News asked Lin Xiangjing, chairman of Jiaocheng Jinlan Chemical Co., Ltd.

      "It's not really dumping." Lin Xiangjing seriously told China Chemical Daily: "I'm not sure about the specific cost of this enterprise. However, for example, the dilute nitric acid used by our enterprises is imported from Shandong and Hebei. The output of nitric acid in these two provinces is large, the development of downstream products is insufficient, and nitric acid is sold at a loss, so the factory price is low; liquid ammonia is also purchased from the market, and the price is not high; Jiaocheng's enterprises have small scale, less investment, low prepaid expenses, and few bank loans; In addition, we also use the waste coke oven gas and steam from the surrounding coking enterprises. It is certain that the production cost of the enterprise will be lower. "

      "We can't blame others. The key is to be good at ourselves. There are reasons for others to exist. If you don't make money, the enterprise won't sell it. " Xue Xiaobin, general manager of Yangmei Fengxi Xinjiang company, believes that selling at low prices and fighting a price war can easily lead to vicious competition. In fact, all enterprises are victims.

      "At present, the drawback of the industry is that no one knows about good products." Xue Xiaobin said, "in addition to the fact that the scientific and technological content of the products needs to be improved, the lack of product development ability and the lack of systematic agrochemical services have affected farmers' understanding of new fertilizers."

      Talking about the future development of the industry, Xue Xiaobin is full of confidence. He said: "we should take a long-term view. Compared with the national 50-60 million tons of urea, 400000-500000 tons of calcium ammonium nitrate is not more, but less. With the release of favorable factors such as the shift of land flow to large household concentration and the acceleration of water and fertilizer integration in China, we firmly believe that the enterprises of ammonium nitrate and calcium nitrate have a better future. "

      It's helpless to be forced to label

      "Jinlan's trademark is very general, most of it is for foreign enterprises." Guo Changchun, deputy general manager of Jiaocheng Jinlan company, said with emotion: "our products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions, such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, Oceania and America. Although the annual growth of foreign trade export volume in recent years is more than 30%, our brand is not well-known in foreign markets, and the OEM rate is more than 50%, so we can earn some hard money at most."
      "The OEM rate of our company is more than 70%. What should we do if we don't? If the domestic sales are not smooth, can we wait to die?" a factory director surnamed Ren of Sanxi chemical company said directly, "now the competition among enterprises in the province is very fierce, and the foreign businessmen are sure that we have to sell them, so they just sit down to lower the price and reap the profits. In order to survive, the enterprise knows that it will suffer a great loss, but it has to do so. "
      "We label people, too." Pointing to the products under the production line, Jia Siqian, manager of Shanxi kaixike Chemical Co., Ltd., told the China chemical industry news that the enterprise was faced with helplessness. "The products produced by oneself, trekking thousands of miles, let others make money, is the sorrow of China's ammonium nitrate calcium enterprise, but if they don't do so, the enterprise can't survive."
      "From January to July this year, Fengxi had 13 thousand tons of OEM, with the OEM rate reaching 16.25%." Xue Guobin, deputy general manager of Shanxi Yangmei Fengxi fertilizer industry (Group) Co., Ltd., believes that the current downturn situation of calcium ammonium nitrate industry may last for a period of time, and enterprises should make long-term preparations. However, compared with the previous market, the industry has fallen to the lowest point, and the market is expected to stabilize, recover and run smoothly in the second half of the year.
      "Foreign dealers have stepped down the price, making it impossible for the whole market to do so. At present, the export price has dropped by more than 200 yuan since the beginning of the year. On the basis of the drop of 30 US dollars, foreign businessmen have to go down. In this case, many enterprises proposed that Shanxi ammonium nitrate calcium enterprises should form an alliance. " Yan Dehong, chief executive of Shanxi Dehong chemical Consulting Co., Ltd., told China chemical news that the output of ammonium calcium nitrate in Shanxi is more than 350000 tons, accounting for nearly 80% of the actual output of the whole country. If Shanxi enterprises can form an alliance and negotiate prices with foreign countries, the interests of enterprises can be well protected. It's not like this. It's not like this.
      "How to go out? We lack channels to connect with the world. Because we know little about foreign markets, dealers often say that what they want is what they want. If we don't make up for the lesson of the international market, domestic enterprises will always be beaten passively." Yan Dehong's words are sharp but constructive.

      Expanding production capacity
      "At present, calcium ammonium nitrate is the best product of Yangmei Fengxi. This year, the company's production plan is to make the actual output reach 150000 tons through technical transformation. Although the market of calcium ammonium nitrate is not good, the enterprise is full of confidence in this product. " On August 12, Zhao Juntian stressed in the investigation of Xinjiang branch, "to speed up the progress of the project, the market will not give enterprises too much time. After digesting the new system for a period of time to ensure that there are no problems, we should speed up the transformation of another system."
      It is understood that since it was put into operation in 2008, after continuous transformation, the annual capacity of Yangmei Fengxi ammonium calcium nitrate has reached 80000 tons, and it has become the largest ammonium calcium production enterprise in Shanxi Province and the drafting unit of national agricultural ammonium calcium nitrate production standard.
      When it comes to the current transformation, Xue Xiaobin, general manager of Xinjiang branch, told China chemical news that after the capacity expansion and transformation, the consumption of acid per ton of the enterprise will be reduced by 50 kg, the consumption of steam will be reduced by 30 kg, 60% concentrated acid can be used directly, and the annual benefit will be increased by 7.2 million yuan.
      "At present, our company is building a new 50000 T / a dilute nitric acid plant, in which part of the dilute nitric acid is used to expand the production of ammonium calcium and part of the dilute nitric acid is used to expand the production of nitrate downstream products." Lin Xiangjing said that his company is one of the largest nitrate producers in China and one of the largest nitro water-soluble fertilizer producers in the world. At present, it mainly involves in agricultural ammonium calcium nitrate, medium element water-soluble fertilizer, phosphate and other related products.
      In addition to Fengxi and Jinlan, Tianji Group also expanded its production. The reporter of China chemical industry news learned that Tianji Group Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., located in chengjiachuan, Lucheng City, is planning a set of ammonium calcium plant with an annual output of 2 × 150000 tons.
      According to Cao Yang, chief engineer of Shanxi Chemical Engineering Design Institute, the design unit of the project, the total investment of the project is 48 million yuan, covering an area of 50 mu and requiring 200 employees. The project uses a large amount of calcium nitrate waste residue produced by the 1 million ton per year phosphate potassium nitrate plant of Tianji Coal Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd. as raw material to produce calcium ammonium nitrate. Its completion will help to improve the production of Shanxi calcium ammonium nitrate And sales pattern.
      High end products are sought after
      "This year, the price of calcium ammonium nitrate from all manufacturers is not high. However, because the quality of our products is different from that of other companies, we signed a one-year supply contract with foreign businessmen last year, that is, we signed 7500 tons of calcium ammonium nitrate at last year's price. We didn't complete the supply until the end of July. " Lin Xiangjing said with satisfaction, "this is our proud pen. We should know that the price difference between last year and this year is more than 300 yuan. This alone can increase the income of the enterprise by 2.25 million yuan."
      Lin Xiangjing told China chemical industry news that after more than 10 years of hard work since 2003, he firmly believes that as an important direction of fertilizer development in the 21st century, calcium ammonium nitrate is a good water-soluble fertilizer.
      With the continuous improvement of the quality of domestic agricultural products, a high-quality, efficient, healthy and environmental protection ecological agriculture revolution is rising. In this surging revolution, water-soluble fertilizer plays a crucial role.
      "In water-soluble fertilizer, due to the different grades and varieties of products, the prices are very different." Chen Qing, Professor of the school of resources and environment, China Agricultural University, said that for example, the price of low-end water-soluble fertilizer (low-end large element water-soluble fertilizer, urea, calcium ammonium nitrate, uan, calcium polyphosphate and other raw materials) is lower than 1000 yuan, and the better is 2000-3000 yuan; the price of middle end water-soluble fertilizer (large element, medium element and other water-soluble fertilizer) is 5000-8000 yuan; The price of high-end foliar fertilizer and functional water-soluble fertilizer (including amino acid, humic acid, alginate and biocontrol agent) is between 10000 yuan and 30000 yuan, and some products with better quality can even exceed 30000 yuan.
      As for the company's high-end product R & D plan, Professor Chen Xiangqing also expressed his view to them. In the middle end products, the production of solid coal powder type water-soluble fertilizer by physical mixing method is the most mainstream production process in China. The index requirements and market mainstream varieties of water-soluble fertilizer are high content and added with medium and trace elements. As long as the method is appropriate, it is not difficult to make. As for high-end products, Lin Xiangjing said that large areas of soil in northern China are calcareous soil with high pH value. Iron and calcium deficiency are quite common, and the lack of medium and trace elements is aggravating. Foliar fertilization is just the most effective measure to correct the symptoms of medium and trace elements deficiency, which is the direction of future enterprise research.
      "In the future, enterprises should transform the series of agricultural products and nitrate products with sufficient market potential into profitable products of the company, and meet the market demand through diversified products." When talking about the measures to reduce losses in the second half of the year, Xue Xiaobin said, "through field research and careful study, enterprises will take high-end products such as medium elements and soil regulators, as well as nitrate products such as calcium nitrate, magnesium nitrate and copper nitrate as the main direction and key projects of R & D in the second half of the year, hoping to improve enterprises' ability to adapt to the market through these products with small investment and quick results, Strive for market initiative, and strive to improve the company's profitability. "