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Talent recruitment

Recruitment position:Salesman
1. Responsible for the sales and promotion of the company's products;
2. According to the business strategy of the company and the Department, make the sales target, market development plan and assist the team to achieve the sales target;
3. Collect relevant industry information, develop new customer resources, expand business with old customers, and establish complete customer files;
4. Market data collection and analysis.
Job requirements:
1. Age, 18-35 years old;
2. Have C1 driver's license, can drive independently, can accept long-term business trip;
3. Sales experience of compound fertilizer, strong market development and customer development ability is preferred;
4. Good sales professional quality, sensitive market analysis, marketing and judgment ability, certain resource coordination and integration ability, can accurately grasp the customer demand.
contact information:
Contact person: Mr. Wang
Tel: 13935826788
Registration address: Deqian fertilizer Co., Ltd., Jiaocheng Industrial Park, Luliang City
Notice for registration: Please bring your resume, graduation certificate, degree certificate, professional qualification certificate and so on 。