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Calcium Magnesium Nitrate
Physical properties: 
irregular white particles, aromatic. Easy to water, stable at room temperature. 
Product use: 
1. This product is 100% soluble in water. It is a new and efficient calcium-magnesium compound fertilizer. In addition to containing large and medium elements, it also contains trace elements. It has comprehensive nutrition. It is a cost-effective product with fast fertilizer effect. , Good absorption. 
2. According to CCTV "Global Agriculture" report, crops using only nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium can not play a comprehensive role in supplementing nutrients. It must be used in combination with calcium, magnesium and other medium elements to achieve high quality and high yield. After this product is applied to the soil, the roots of the crops can be developed, the straws are thick, the leaves are dark green, and the utilization rate of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the soil can be improved. 
3. Increase the fruit setting rate and the number of ears, increase the weight of single fruit and yield per mu, quickly raise seedlings and strong seedlings, with a huge root system; improve the internal and external quality of the fruit; extend the leaf function and plant growth period; increase crop resistance and reduce disease It can improve soil pH, aggregate structure, reduce soil compaction, and reduce soil pollution. It is one of the most popular special fertilizers in international agriculture, especially economic crops and horticulture cultivation. It is an efficient and environmentally friendly green fertilizer, and it is a new generation in China. The full-featured fertilizer is suitable for any period of fruit trees and vegetables. It is widely used in European and American countries and has a large export volume. It has been widely used in China in the past two years. 
4. The calcium and magnesium ions in this product can not only provide sufficient calcium and magnesium to the soil, but also improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil, and protect the soil. It has the incomparable advantages of other chemical fertilizers in the sustainable development of agriculture. The protection of the environment has a more far-reaching significance.
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