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Calcium nitrate
Technical standard: Q/14076CSC00-2005 
Molecular formula: Ca(NO3)2·4H2O 
Molecular weight: 236.15 
Colorless crystal, easy to deliquesce. The relative density is 1.82, and the melting point is 39.7°C. Decompose when heated to 132°C. Soluble in water, ethanol and acetone. Insoluble in nitric acid. There is zinc oxide. Contact with flammable materials can cause combustion. It is corrosive and can cause burns. 
1. Flocculant used in rubber industry. Oil deep well, sewage treatment and cement hardening accelerator. 
2. In agriculture, it can be used as soilless cultivation, quick-acting fertilizer for acid soil and quick calcium supplement for plants, etc. 
3. Light industry is used to manufacture incandescent lampshades. 
4. The electronic instrument industry is used to coat the cathode, which is the raw material for the manufacture of other nitrates. 
Application method: 
1. It is more suitable for topdressing in dry land. However, it should be noted that the nutrients of calcium nitrate fertilizer are easy to lose, and can be applied in small amounts, and generally do not apply before the rain. 
2. When used as base fertilizer, it can be used in combination with decomposed organic fertilizers, phosphate fertilizers (superphosphate), and potash fertilizers, which can significantly improve fertilizer efficiency. But it should not be mixed with superphosphate alone to prevent reducing the efficiency of phosphate fertilizer. 
3. Since calcium nitrate has a low nitrogen content, the amount in use is more than that of other nitrogen fertilizers. 
1. It is not suitable to be used in paddy fields, because calcium nitrate belongs to nitrate nitrogen, which is easy to be lost with water. 
2. It cannot be mixed with fresh manure and compost, because the organic acid generated in the fermentation process of the fertilizer will decompose calcium nitrate into nitric acid, resulting in the loss of fertilizer nutrients. 
Packing: 25/50/100KG plastic woven bag, paper-plastic composite bag or according to customer requirements.
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