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Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solution (UAN)
Product properties: 
transparent or light brown liquid, easily soluble in water. 
Product features: 
Urea ammonium nitrate solution, also known as UAN, contains nitrate nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen and amide nitrogen. The diversity of nitrogen forms meets the preferences of different crops for different nitrogen forms. The combination of quick effect, high efficiency and long effect, high utilization rate, safety and environmental protection. It is a new generation of liquid nitrogen fertilizer. Urea ammonium nitrate solution belongs to liquid water-soluble fertilizer, which has the characteristics of liquid fertilizer. Convenient application, time-saving and labor-saving, and can be combined with modern water and fertilizer equipment such as drip irrigation, irrigation and circle irrigation. 
Application method: 
drip irrigation, circle irrigation, spraying. A small amount for many times, less waste, fertilize with water. In the seedling stage, the dilution should be more than 1:300, and the dilution should be adjusted to different crops and growth conditions after the dilution of 1:200 in the growth period. Foliar fertilization should be adjusted to 0.5-1KG per mu each time, and the dilution should be more than 800 times. 
Suitable crops: 
suitable for corn, wheat, rice and other grain crops, cotton, peanuts, potatoes, tobacco, fruit trees and other economic crops. The effect is particularly obvious on vegetables, melons and eggplants, fruits and other crops.
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