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Boron-added calcium ammonium nitrate
Properties and uses: 
1. Calcium ammonium nitrate for agriculture (with boron addition) is a multi-effect fertilizer mainly composed of nitrate nitrogen, water-soluble calcium and boron. It has full water solubility, good instant solubility, fast fertilizer efficiency, and calcium content. The advantages of high and fast boron replenishment. 
2. The nitrate nitrogen of the product can be directly absorbed by crops without soil transformation, and the utilization rate is extremely high. It can quickly supplement nitrogen to crops, and the effect of increasing production is obvious. 
3. A real disease-resistant fertilizer, which can effectively prevent various physiological diseases caused by calcium deficiency in crops. It is effective against "navel rot" of tomatoes and peppers, "bitter pox and water heart disease" of apples, "black spot" of pears, and "cracking of grapes". The prevention and control effect of physiological diseases such as "fruit dropping, uneven fruit grain", banana "peel cracking, fruit twisting" and so on. It can also prevent the fruit from cracking, enhance the hardness and storage of the fruit, promote the sweetening and coloring of the fruit, swell the fruit, and improve the yield and quality of the fruit. 
4. This product is specially added with trace element boron, which can stabilize the flowering and fruiting of crops, accelerate the transportation of carbohydrates in the crops, enhance photosynthesis, and have obvious effects on fruit trees and vegetable crops. 
5. Improve the soil and maintain the acid-base balance of the soil. It is widely used in various field crops, vegetables, fruits and flowers.
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