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Macro-element water-soluble fertilizer (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium water-soluble fertilizer)
Appearance index: 
It is stipulated in the standard that the appearance of water-soluble fertilizer with large elements is uniform liquid or solid. For liquid products, the appearance index should be specified in more detail, especially for the uniformity of fertilizer products. At present, many liquid water-soluble fertilizers in the market have problems of deposition and stratification. Many manufacturers just remind users on the package that there will be a small amount of deposit at the bottom of the product after being placed too long. Please shake it well before use. For this phenomenon, the standard of water-soluble fertilizer for large elements should give more explicit provisions, which stipulates that the qualified liquid water-soluble fertilizer products can not appear precipitation, and the deposition part can not exceed the total amount. Especially in the high concentration of liquid soluble fertilizer products, it is normal to have deposition stratification, but the proportion of deposition stratification must be within the required range.
Product use:
a multi-element that can be completely dissolved in water Fully water-soluble fertilizer, it can quickly dissolve in water and is easier to be absorbed by crops, and its absorption and utilization rate is relatively high, the total amount of nutrients is small, and the effective fertilizer is quick and effective. It is a solid fertilizer that is dissolved or diluted in water and used for irrigation and fertilization, foliar fertilization, soilless cultivation, soaking seeds and dipping roots and other purposes. It can be used for foliar fertilization, flooding with roots, irrigation and fertilization. Irrigation includes sprinkler irrigation, drip irrigation and other methods for fertilization during irrigation, which not only saves water, but also saves fertilization, and the plant absorbs quickly. For foliar fertilization, first dilute and dissolve the fertilizer in water for foliar spraying, or dissolve it in water with non-strong alkali and strong acid pesticides for uniform foliar spraying, enter the plant through the stomata of the leaves, and the plants can absorb nutrients through the leaves , Which greatly improves the efficiency of fertilizer absorption and utilization.
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